Welcome to Riverside Recycling (A Division of Riverside Scrap Iron & Metal Corp.)

Wholesale Recycling

Wholesale customers, which include heavy manufacturers, construction companies & contractors, high-volume machine shops, and other businesses that produce a significant amount of waste in the manufacturing and construction processes on a regular basis.

Industrial Recycling

Our industrial customers, which include commercial businesses that have a significant amount of recyclable waste due to non-operational functions, produced on an infrequent or one-time basis. This can include materials such as metal & plastic display racks, or cardboard & plastic shippers and headers.

Retail Recycling

Our retail customers, which include small or independent businesses like restaurants & bars, automotive shops, machine shops, or other retail businesses that produce recyclable waste in their daily operations.

Consumer Recycling

Our consumer market, consisting of individuals or organizations looking earn money from their recyclable goods. This customer segment includes individuals, as well as local clubs, athletic or academia-based school programs, nonprofit organizations, and other social communities.